Off Page SEO: Natural and Slow Link Building Process

Organic white hat SEO is broadly divided into two parts, on-page and off-page SEO. I will discuss Off-page SEO here. Off page SEO means all the stuffs you do away from your website and it is mainly related to obtaining high quality backlinks. So building links for your website comes under off-page SEO.

Before you start doing off page SEO of your website or web-page, please know that off-page SEO is completely changed from what it was few years ago. Before 2012, you could make as many backlinks as you can, whether those backlinks were of high quality or low quality, related or unrelated, all those backlinks were helpful to increase rank of your targeted keywords, but it is not now. In SEO, competition has increased sharply and search engine algorithm is also changed completely. Today, you have to build high quality slow and natural links. If you do too many links in just one day, you will not get the benefits, instead the ranking may decrease. You can build just one link in a day but the link should be powerful, from trusted, relevant and authority website.

Before you start performing off-page tasks, please make sure that your on-page SEO is good enough. Try to optimize every element of on-page SEO to get the highest benefits from search engine optimization. When we talk of on-page optimization, meta title, meta description, heading, sub-heading and high quality content with proper keyword density come first. provides website promotion services including:
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