Ways to Increasing Website Traffic: SEO, PPC, Facebook and YouTube

When it comes to increasing website traffic, there are many ways to increase or receive visitors to your websites. There are many free as well as paid methods of increasing traffic but I will discuss here some free and targeted methods of increasing traffic.

SEO – it is a free way of receiving targeted visitors to your website if you managed to rank some high searches Keyword on the first page of Google.com or other major search engines. But SEO is very tough these days, without proper knowledge of search engine optimization, you will not be able to perform good here. But it is not too hard to learn, if you want to spend one or two months to learn SEO, you will have good basic understanding of the subject and you will start doing SEO yourself as well.

PPC – you can also receive traffics to your website by using PPC advertising. PPC means pay per click, you will be paying based on clicks your advertisement is clicked. This method can give you instant traffic to your website, web pages, profile pages or other pages you want to advertise. Since, you will be receiving instant traffic to your website so you have to spend good money to get these instant traffic as it is purely a paid method of advertisement. There are many companies on the market that have PPC platforms, some of them are Google Adwords and Bing.

Facebook – you can also get visitors from Facebook advertisement, this is also a free method of advertising your products and services. But according to my experience this social networking website has very low conversion rate compared to PPC and SEO. But with better tracking and optimization, you will be able to earn money with Facebook advertisement also.

YouTube.com – it is also a good platform to get free visitors to your website. You just have to create high quality, informative videos and upload on YouTube. You can put your website URL in the video description to receive visitors from YouTube video based websites.

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